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Introducing Theory and Practice of Couples and Family Counseling

The third edition of the Theory and Practice of Couples and Family Counseling is now available. This newly published book by the American Counseling Association features three new chapters on couples counseling, updates on all other chapters with an emphasis on multicultural approaches in the theory and practice couples and family counseling, a completely revised integration model, and actual counseling sessions with diverse populations.

In addition, this website includes updates of two chapters that were in the former textbook; those chapters are the ones on Symbolic-Experiential Family Counseling (Carl Whitaker's approach) and a chapter on Parenting in the 21st CenturyYou can also find pictures on this website of the major theorists and practitioners in the fields of couples and family counseling with a brief introduction to each person. These pictures will help you to identify the various players and characters who helped to develop systemic approaches. And finally, there will be a set of short video vignettes that you can watch to see how most of the models work.  

I am excited to have this new edition completed and almost ready for adoption in Counseling courses across the country and the world. Keep checking this website for updates on the book and the materials that support it. Everything on this website is available for you to download. I own the copyright to this material, and I am making it available to all of you who want to study the fields of couples and family counseling. I will be extremely interested in any feedback you choose to give me. I can be reached at

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