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Adlerian Group Counseling and Therapy: Step-by-Step

Adlerian Group Counseling and Therapy-St

Represents a distillation of some of the most significant ideas pertaining to the group work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Drs. Manford Sonstegard and James Bitter illustrate the development of a group from its formation to its final stage, giving readers a clear picture of what is important to accomplish at each stage of the group. This book also addresses many practical dimensions of the Adlerian group process, including: forming a group relationship; creating a democratic and accepting climate; conducting psychological assessments; increasing the awareness and insight of group members; translating group insight into action; methods of re-education through encouragement; and building on personal strengths discovered within the group experience.

Contributions to Adlerian Psychology

Reflections on the ideas of Adlerian masters. An interview with Heinz Ansbacher / J.R. Bitter and J. West -- On neurosis / J.R. Bitter -- Dreikurs' holistic medicine / C. Nappier Carr and J.R. Bitter -- An interview with Harold Mosak / J.R. Bitter -- Adlerian brief therapy with individuals. Adlerian brief therapy with individuals / J.R. Bitter and W.G. Nicoll -- Relational strategies / J. Bitter and W.G. Nicoll -- Adlerian group counseling. Adlerian group counseling / M.A. Sonstegard and J.R. Bitter -- Counseling children in groups / M.A. Sonstegard and J.R. Bitter --Adlerian couples and family counseling and therapy. Family mapping and family constellations / J.R. Bitter -- Communication styles, personality priorities, and social interest / J. Bitter -- Conscious motivations / J.R. Bitter -- The mistake notions of adults with children / J.R. Bitter -- Two approaches to counseling parents alone / J.R. Bitter -- Human conversations / J.R. Bitter and R. Byrd -- A Study on early recollectons. Early recollections vesus created memory / S.B. Barker and J.R. Bitter -- An Adlerian-feminist approach to therapy. Reclaiming a pro-feminist orientation in Adlerian therapy / J.R. Bitter et al. -- Reconsidering narcissism / J.R. Bitter -- Adlerian therapy and social construction. Integrating narrative therapy with Adlerian lifestyle assessment / J.G. Disque and J.R. Bitter -- Emotion, experience, and early recollections / J.G. Disque and J.R. Bitter -- Final thoughts. Am I an Adlerian? / J.R. Bitter.

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Social Construction in Couple and Family Counseling

Social Construction in Couple and Family

Comprises eight contributions on the relevance of social construction theory to counselors and counselor educators. Topics include a narrative approach to counseling, the use of reflective teams, integration of the ideas of the social constructionists Harry Goolishian and G. Bob Gowin, different epistemological lenses to view families through, and ethical issues related to the selection of meanings or constructs in the light of the impact of such meaning making. No index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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