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The videos presented here were first developed in 2009, and they were updated with the addition of a video on Object Relations Family Therapy in 2014.  All of these videos are role-plays, and they give you only a small experience of what the approach might be life.  None of these videos focus on couples work, nor are the prominent couples counseling approaches of the Gottmans, Susan Johnson, and Hendrix and Hunt covered.  These latter approaches have all developed videos that are available for sale. I highly recommend the videos for all models that are available through 


Please make full use of these videos. I own the copyright to them, and I am making them available to the public.  You can watch them online; you may download them; you may show them in classes or to groups.  They are intended to be educational, and in that regard, I am happy to have them used and distributed as widely as possible.  Enjoy.

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